Q: Does AUM recognise other Masonic Orders and is AUM recognised by other Orders?

The questions of “recognitions” and “non-recognitions” have plagued the various orders of Masonry in particular and the Masonic movement in general.  Although there may be a deeper esoteric reason behind such edicts as “recognitions,” those reasons are certainly not understood or rather misunderstood by many Masonic Orders and their membership.  This is supposed to be a movement whose spiritual doctrine is that of Brotherhood!

Perhaps to clarify our position we can best quote from our “Declaration of Purpose”:

Let the word go forth from this day, to all Masons throughout the four corners of the globe, that we seek no enmity with, nor do we seek to subvert nor supplant any regular and duly constituted Grand Lodge or Supreme Council, but that we seek only fraternal cooperation with all duly qualified brethren and recognised Masonic Orders in the cause of the Great Work.”

The ‘proper modes of recognition’ are delivered to the candidate during the various ceremonies, and every Mason knows this.  Because these ‘modes of recognition’ are merely symbolic of the truer esoteric modes of recognition, then basically, providing these can be demonstrated when called upon to do so then the exoteric factor of ‘recognition’ should properly end there.  (However, the deeper aspect of these ‘modes of recognition’ is addressed under “Masonic Secrets,” etc.)  The preservation of the modes of recognition is a Landmark, but apparently little understood.

In AUM we have no time for the petty squabbles, sectarian attitudes and misunderstandings that arise from so-called ‘non-recognitions’ within the Masonic movement.  All duly-made Masons are welcome to visit our Lodges and we have ever extended the hand of friendship and had the great pleasure of welcoming many Masons from other Orders to our meetings from time to time.  These have been individual Masons who visit purely out of their own sense of either inquiry or a genuine Masonic sense of friendship and fellowship, and not because they are sanctioned to do so from their particular Masonic Orders.  Indeed, perhaps some of them visit us at a great risk to themselves and therefore evidence courage and boldness, for they would be suspended from their regular Orders if found out.  But time will eventually change such things, for a New Era of Aquarian Brotherhood is on the rise and nothing can arrest the ceremonial ritualistic motion in the heavens.  The Piscean interpretation of the “recognition thing” in Masonry, instead of being understood for its esoteric reasons, has been interpreted somewhat along the lines of an inquisition, but this must and will eventually change.

Thus, to the question:  Is AUM recognised by other current Masonic Orders?

Answer:  By some Orders, yes; but by many, no, especially not from the conventional ‘men-only’ Masonic Orders (because we are an Order admitting women), although some of their individual members have been very kind and encouraging to us.  But there has been no “official recognitions” from any of those Orders as one Order to another.

Q: Is AUM a sovereign Masonic Order or is it chartered from another Order?

AUM is not chartered by any other Masonic Order.  It is a sovereign entity.  Its Charter was drawn up and signed by several Master Masons who formed the Charter Group of this current incarnation of AUM in the 1980s and who had all been previously made Masons in other Masonic Orders.  The documents of incorporation as well as the name, Grand Lodge, Ancient Universal Mysteries, was inherited from an earlier group of Masons from the 1930s and 1940s who initially laid the foundations for this later group.  The sets of Masonic Instructions that have been published in the beginning of a book bearing the name of Bro. Foster Bailey and called, “The Spirit of Masonry” are some of the instructions that were written as Masonic Instructions to that earlier group.  The current charter-group of AUM is the heir to that continuity of effort.

Q: Can Masons from other Orders affiliate with AUM and is their Masonic status recognised?

Yes, Masons from other Orders can and have affiliated with AUM and are active within it.  Masons who affiliate with AUM are not required to sever their membership with their current or former Orders.  They are, however, expected to discharge their AUM obligations punctually and fully.

An affiliating Mason’s Masonic status is recognised as it pertains to the work of the Blue Lodge, including the Mark and H.R.A.

However, Masons should bear in mind that there is a learning curve involved in affiliating with AUM.  Masons who wish to affiliate have to answer a written application for affiliation and be prepared and willing to undergo an interview.